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Heavy duty bending chain
A detailed description:

Technical field:

At present, the domestic cement manufacturing industry is facing a transition to an intensive production process. In this

industry, the production scale reaches the daily production of 5000T cement clinker or the annual output of 6000T cement

finished products. In the production process, the machinery used to upgrade the materials is adopted. High efficiency, load

hoist for the NSE series. The key component in the hoist is the hoist chain. The quality of the chain is the reliable basis

for determining the machine.

Background technique:

In the current NSE series high-efficiency hoist, the chain of the chain generally adopts two processes of punching and

mechanical cutting. The punching process saves labor and materials, has a high degree of mechanization, and is suitable for

batch production. At present, chain manufacturers use this method to produce. The disadvantages are that the precision of

the punching process is much worse than that of the cutting process, and the cutting precision is improved with the

improvement of the precision of the working machine. However, in the mass production, the low efficiency is generally not

adopted by the manufacturers, so the NSE is currently used in China. The manufacturers of high-efficiency hoisting machines

have different degrees of axial pinch and chain plate swaying and the failure affects the production. In addition, the metal

inner fiber is destroyed to some extent by the punching process or the cutting process, so that the chain is working. The

bearing capacity is greatly affected, and even the chain plate is unbearable and the fracture phenomenon also occurs from

time to time. Therefore, improving the service life of the chain and enhancing the breaking load of the product is the basis

of our technical project to transform the current NSE series high-efficiency elevator chain.

Utility model content:

The purpose of the utility model is to provide a die forging chain, which improves the wear resistance and the tensile

strength, and overcomes the above various deficiencies of the existing hoist chain.

1. The content of the utility model is realized by the following technical solution, a die forging lifting chain, since the

chain plate is forged, the crystal grains of the core portion of the material of the material are repeatedly rolled and

formed after the chain is formed, the metal The grain interaction in the grain is increased, and the grain is also refined

in the heating process, so the fatigue strength of the chain is enhanced during use, and the wear resistance is also


Second, the forging type is completed on the basis of not destroying the direction of the original metal fiber, so the

tensile strength of the new die-forged chain is increased by about 10% to 15% compared with the original plate type.

Third, the chain hole in the new chain is fine, and the contact surface between the hole and the pin and the sleeve can be

guaranteed to be above 98%. The biggest advantage is that the friction between the hole and the pin sleeve is increased, and

the solution is effectively solved. The chain between the pin sleeve and the chain plate during operation overcomes the

problem of the chain plate falling off during the use of the chain and improves the running performance of the product.

4. The die forging chain of the utility model has a unique design and a precise structure, and the weight thereof is lighter

than that of the plate chain, and the load of the sprocket shaft of the sprocket wheel set of the hoisting machine can be


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